Wed, 19 Jan 2022


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Japanese stock markets records major falls

SYDNEY, NSW, Australia - Stocks in Asia were mixed on Wednesday. The biggest move was the Japanese market which saw ...

UK imports to Ireland fell, trade with N. Ireland up due to Brexit

DUBLIN, Ireland: Since Brexit went into effect in 2020, Ireland has witnessed a 20 percent decline in goods exported from ...

At 3.45%, mortgage rates highest in US since pandemic struck

WASHINGTON D.C.: According to a closely watched survey, U.S. mortgage rates have reached levels not seen since March 2020. In ...

U.S. stocks shatter, Nasdaq loses 387 points

NEW YORK, New York - A major rise in U.S. Treasury yields and a sell-off of financial stocks rocked Wall ...

Wild boar found with swine fever in Italy, could close pork industry

PIEDMONT, Italy: Earlier this month, a case of African swine fever, which can be deadly to pigs but harmless to ...

During lockdown, free flowers handed out to mark Tulip Day

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands: As stores in Amsterdam and across the Netherlands cautiously reopened after a COVID-19 lockdown, thousands of free bunches ...

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Abbott Ireland announces expansion plans, new jobs

DONEGAL, Ireland - Announcing plans to expand its workforce in Donegal, the U.S. healthcare giant Abbott unveiled plans to create 500 new jobs in the country.Abbott Ireland currently hires c ...

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